Vector Renewables provides complete Asset Management services for Mirova's solar projects on the Island of Menorca

vector-renewables-asset-magement-services-for-mirova-solar-projects-in-menorca vector-renewables-asset-magement-services-for-mirova-solar-projects-in-menorca

Vector Renewables is excited to announce its partnership with Mirova (Natixis Investment Managers) to provide complete asset management services for a solar project in Menorca and a holding company, f...

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Summary of Rafael Echegoyen's Interview, Head of M&A Advisory & Legal Services

interview-rafael-echegoyen-legal-services-infoenergetica interview-rafael-echegoyen-legal-services-infoenergetica

Rafael Echegoyen, Head of M&A & Legal Services, gave an interview for Infoenergética at the last edition of Energyear Spain. In the interview, he discussed current issues from his extensive ex...

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Revamping and Repowering of Solar PV: Challenges and Opportunities

revamping-and-repowering-of-solar-PV revamping-and-repowering-of-solar-PV

Solar PV is widely recognized as one of the most utilized technologies in renewable power generation, with over 1,000 GWp installed globally across numerous countries. Over the past two decades, the d...

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Vector Renewables Mexico provides Construction Supervision services in Dominican Republic for Elecnor

renewable-energy-mexico-technical-advisor renewable-energy-mexico-technical-advisor

Vector Renewables Mexico, a leading independent advisor in renewable projects, has been selected by Elecnor to provide technical supervision during the construction phase of a photovoltaic plant locat...

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Agrivoltaics development in Italy: the current challenge

agrovoltaic-italy-renewable-energy agrivoltaic-italy-renewable-energy

Agrivoltaics is a system that evidently increases land use efficiency by simultaneously enabling main agricultural crop production and secondary solar PV power generation on the same cropland area, wh...

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Cero Generation is finalising preparations for Italy's largest Agrovoltaic plant (70MWp) with Vector Renewables as Asset Management and Owner’s Engineer as well as provider of some HSE services

agrivoltaic-italy agrivoltaic-italy

Pontinia, Lazio - Vector Renewables is pleased to announce that it is participating in the construction and upcoming commissioning of the largest agrovoltaic plant ever built in Italy, located in Pont...

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