The importance of Developer Agreements and operating regulations at common evacuation nodes as a result of the current scenario of connecting renewable projects to the electricity grid

Due to the large number of projects of electricity generation facilities from renewable energy sources that have been connected to the transmission grid in recent years and those others that are pendi...

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Vector Renewables designs 'Operational Procedures' to coordinate a common evacuation facility

The growth of renewables in Spain in recent years has positioned the country at the forefront of decarbonisation in Europe, but it has also led to some modifications in the electricity system with the...

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Vector Renewables, lead advisor in the sale of Kolya Renovables Group’s portfolio to MithraSol

Vector Renewables has provided financial and legal advisory services in the sale of a 7.5MWp portfolio owned by Greenpower Generation (Grupo Kolya Renovables) and acquired by the London company Mithra...

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Synergy between Legal and Asset Management. A way to boost renewable projects

In the competitive world of providing services for renewable energy projects, it is essential to highlight those characteristics that make the difference when offering such services. In this context, ...

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