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Asset management for renewable energy

Asset management covers compliance with the technical, financial and administrative aspects of an energy facility during the development, construction and operation phases. This wide range of services ensures:

  1. Optimal technical and financial performance.
  2. Compliance with the project’s regulatory and contractual obligations.
  3. The performance of third parties involved in the project.

Outsourcing asset management tasks in renewable energy facilities is quite common. In fact, it is one of the best ways to ensure that a power plant or portfolio of plants delivers optimal performance.

In our experience in renewable asset management, most of our clients require external support with these tasks for their photovoltaic and wind power plants. To that end, we provide asset management support from a commercial, technical and legal standpoint, as well as asset management consulting. This provides greater flexibility to each client, who can outsource the entire asset management process or simply a part thereof.
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Commercial asset management

Commercial asset management focuses on the end-to-end administration and compliance of the company that manages the facility. This includes regulatory issues as well as contractual, legal, tax, administrative, commercial and environmental obligations.

Generally, the type of client that hires us is an SPV (special purpose vehicle), a company created specifically for this purpose, which is usually a subsidiary created by a parent company. You can outsource all your commercial asset management needs to us:
Accounting and administration
We record accounting entries as well as calculate and enter the corresponding depreciation provisions. We also take care of the company’s bookkeeping and correspondence.

Technical asset management

Technical asset management oversees the operation phase of renewable assets. It coordinates and verifies regulatory and contractual compliance for both the project and all third parties involved in the facility.

Having a technical asset manager also helps you maximize your production performance, reduce costs and ensure compliance with current technical regulations. All these supervisory tasks guarantee that there are no loose ends with third parties working in your plant at a technical level.
Performance monitoring
A renewable energy plant does not run on its own. We remotely monitor the facility (and record the main KPIs), analyzing incidents, checking alarms and reviewing performance on a daily basis. We also monitor preventive and corrective operation and maintenance tasks, review SCADA (plant control software), harness virtual reality to manage parameters and directly report detected incidents to the facility’s O&M contractor.

Asset management consulting

Asset management consulting ensures full control of the facilities while optimizing their maintenance and profitability. Specifically, we offer technical studies and asset behavior analysis in order to optimize plant performance. We approach this from a technical and economic perspective in order to maximize the useful life of the plant.
Optimization and performance analysis
We provide a comprehensive analysis of the data and performance of the plant and its main equipment. As asset management consultants, we present different proposals and action plans to optimize facility performance, always keeping in mind the cost and benefits of its implementation.

We offer end-to-end coverage of your renewable energy project.

During any phase and in any country. Find the expert you need for your solar or wind power plant and get the most out of your facility. We make complex look easy!

Asset management

We guarantee compliance with all technical, financial and administrative aspects of your power plant. Your plant will be prepared for maximum performance while ensuring that you as facility owner, as well as the third parties working at the plant, comply with all regulations.
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Technical advisory services

We help you to comply with the wide range of technical requirements for your renewable energy facility. From plant design to development to technical reports for improvement in the operation phase. You’ll always have the technical know-how of our consultants at your fingertips.
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Financial advisory services

We have advisors who specialize in renewable energy transaction and the financing and refinancing of energy projects around the world. Our experience in all phases and fields provides us with a valuable perspective to advise our clients in their future investments.
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Strategic consulting services

Coupled with our experience in all project stages and areas, we draw on our highly skilled team of experts to advise our clients on their future investments.
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ESG and Sustainability

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to your renewable asset’s ESG focus throughout its entire life cycle and integrate sustainability into the heart of your business model. Make your renewable asset more attractive to investors, while creating value for stakeholders and local communities.
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