Technical asset management

We optimize renewable asset performance throughout their lifetime

Technical asset management oversees the operation phase of renewable assets. It coordinates and verifies regulatory and contractual compliance for both the project and all third parties involved in the facility.

Having a technical asset manager also helps you maximize your production performance, reduce costs and ensure compliance with current technical regulations. All these supervisory tasks guarantee that there are no loose ends with third parties working in your plant at a technical level.

Our technical
asset management services

Performance monitoring

A renewable energy plant does not run on its own. We remotely monitor the facility (and record the main KPIs), analyzing incidents, checking alarms and reviewing performance on a daily basis. We also monitor preventive and corrective operation and maintenance tasks, review SCADA (plant control software), harness virtual reality to manage parameters and directly report detected incidents to the facility’s O&M contractor.

Performance analysis

This is a key aspect of asset management. On a monthly basis we check that the plant is operating optimally by diagnosing deviations between actual and expected performance, identifying incidents, analyzing the causes and proposing improvements to the plant and the operator’s activities. The purpose of all this is to extend the plant’s technical life, as well as to increase production.

O&M supervision

We take care of monitoring the performance of the asset during operation and maintenance. To this end, we maintain direct and ongoing communication with the team of professionals working on the project. Here we can work holistically or on specific tasks – asset and evacuation infrastructure, project failures, defects and breakdowns, energy harvesting systems, trip reports, electrical system failures and defects, site maintenance and project performance.

We also provide support in the annual validation of the preventive O&M plan together with the fulfillment of the obligations contained in the contract and the handling of any claims. We also coordinate the required corrective maintenance repairs at the plant with the O&M company.

Plant visits

On a quarterly basis, we schedule visits to the plant or portfolio of plants, checking the general condition of the facility, verifying the main corrective and preventive measures, holding meetings with the operator and providing advice on any incidents detected.

When plant incidents occur, we coordinate all maintenance or repair work in order to minimize the impact on the asset’s production.

Energy management

Our team is responsible for monthly production checks, revenue calculation and verification, claims processing with the offtaker or energy buyer and communication with the key billing and payment counterparts. We also coordinate the measures required to ensure the correct billing of the energy transferred to the grid.

Environmental, health and safety management

We ensure that the risk prevention company complies with its obligations regarding the project. This involves coordination and supervision, annual prevention audits and reviews of operating procedures and the maintenance of all third parties involved.

We also ensure all related regulations are complied with, monitoring environmental obligations and managing incidents and near misses.

Project management

We plan, coordinate and supervise the asset’s major milestones to ensure the plant’s success. Specifically in terms of O&M, we take care of monitoring compliance with obligations, reviewing procedures and validating the annual preventive plan, handling any relevant claims if necessary.

We also coordinate with the O&M company to carry out corrective plant maintenance and manage the sale of electricity on the wholesale market with the submission of production estimates.

What's more, as specialists in technical asset management, we also handle the following:

  • Direct relationship with the plant’s local environment (municipalities, neighboring landowners, energy regulators etc.) associated with the operations of the company behind the project.
  • Management of compliance with the obligations taken on by the company in terms of current permits and licenses, as well as any regulatory requirements.
  • Supervision of the work performed by the surveillance company. We also take care of the coordination and follow-up of the steps required in response to a breach of security in the project.
  • Verification of compliance with EPC guarantees (related to ensuring compliance with the design contract, the supplies required and the construction of the facility). If necessary, we also handle any relevant claims.
  • Verification of compliance with EPC guarantees (related to ensuring compliance with the design contract, the supplies required and the construction of the facility). If necessary, we also handle any relevant claims.
  • Coordination of project operation activities performed by external technical advisors.

Insurance and incident management

Our technical asset management team processes and coordinates insurance claims, including claim follow-ups, until these are settled and the client receives compensation. We fully cooperate with all parties involved (O&M provider, insurance broker, insurer, expert firm, security company etc.)

Technical reports

One of our technical asset management jobs is to provide our clients with detailed monthly technical reports on their plant. These documents provide a specific insight for a detailed understanding of the asset’s status.
Reports include production data, technical and contractual availability, summary of major malfunctions (with all the actions taken since their start and current status), permits and other legal issues.

These reports also include the detection and mitigation of any issues that may impact production, budget performance, KPI control reports, project revenues and everything related to health, safety and environmental protection. We also include major maintenance tasks (preventive, corrective and predictive) for the month and those planned for the following month, as well as preparing quarterly executive management reports for many of our clients.

These include the main actions that require follow-up or decision-making.

As experts in renewable asset management at the technical level, we can also review the O&M provider’s report. We notify the client if we detect any discrepancies between our report and the supplier’s report.

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