Engineering in renewable energy plants

We make sure that no technical detail puts your project on hold

Vector Renewables is well equipped to achieve the best results in the engineering of renewable energy projects. This is backed by a highly experienced team with international expertise in a full range of technologies.

The engineering team includes in-house engineers (electrical, civil, mechanical and commissioning), who provide support to the client during the technical review of the EPC/BoP contract and technical annexes. They can also oversee the engineering design and quality control plan and participate in Factory Acceptance Tests of the main equipment or field inspections to verify the progress of the work.

For projects under development, we have the capacity to provide support in the drafting of technical documentation to process access and connection and administrative permits. In addition, we provide support in layout optimization with design programs (PVcase/Helios 3D, Civil 3D) to improve the LCOE. Finally, we can help the client define the scope of previous studies (geographic, topographic and hydrographic).

Our engineering services
for renewable energies

Project engineering and design

We manage the technical documentation required for the client's request for connection and administrative permits. We have extensive experience in submitting technical material to administrations.

Root cause analysis

Sometimes we encounter renewable energy projects with errors that need to be rectified. Our technical support covers the resolution of potential problems during the operational phase related to design errors or negligence (for example, mechanical problems in trackers, substations or PV plant drains).

Detailed design and engineering reviews

Detailed design and engineering reviews
We prepare civil, mechanical and electrical blueprints and calculation memories for the PV plant and the relevant interconnection infrastructure under construction.

Design optimization

Using specific software, we review the design in order to implement improvements. We use Helios3D or PVcase together with energy yield assessment (EYA). If required, we can also perform civil works estimates (for example, earthmoving) using Civil 3D.

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We help our clients during the development, construction, connection and start-up phases