Technical consultancy for renewable energy projects

Minimize your project risks and ensure sustainable production

Combining technical know-how in all engineering fields with the required expertise in project finance and regulations, Vector Renewables advises its clients in their transaction decision-making, helping them properly manage risk while ensuring a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply.

Our technical
consulting services

Feasibility studies

Is your project feasible? The feasibility of your project needs to be confirmed before you start to develop it.

Through this service, our experts assess the financial, legal, regulatory and technical aspects of your project. Our international team of experts provides services in any location in the world and for any type of client (investors, owners, developers or IPP companies).

We take into account our clients' needs, the features of the site where the facility will be built, permits, planning costs and project financing.

The feasibility study includes:
1. Site inspection and evaluation
2. Preliminary design
3. Permit review
4. Land valuation
5. Preliminary energy performance assessment

Technical due diligence

Are you planning to purchase, finance or sell a renewable energy project? Whether the project is in the development or operation phase, there are issues you need to be aware of before making a decision.

Technical due diligence is an audit that identifies risks and proposes solutions to mitigate them. This assessment, often performed by an external company, includes:

1. Technical review of the project design and the major equipment
2. Site visit and evaluation
3. Administrative and permit review
4. EPC and O&M contract review
5. Land agreement and real estate information review
6. Energy performance evaluation
7. Financial model review
8. Historical performance analysis (operational projects)
9. Quality inspection (operational projects)

Energy Yield Assessment (EYA)

Independent assessments of energy production provide additional security when it comes to managing wind farms and solar power plants.

An energy yield assessment provides real data on how to attain greater efficiency from a renewable project design. For example, it can help you decide whether it is better to install a fixed axis or a tracker in a solar power plant.

Our experts will perform a detailed simulation of the installation. We will also calculate the project’s potential energy yield to support your financial model forecasts (P50, P75 and P90). 

Hybridization studies (PV, wind and BESS)

Our technical team can work on projects that are already operational or still under construction to explore the options of hybridization with other technologies.

This involves assessing the sites included in the project environment (access points, nearby towns, infrastructure, possible technical restrictions, etc.) which could potentially be used to locate the new technology (PV, wind, BESS).

We take this information and, based on the production profile of the original plant, develop the preliminary layout of the hybridization design, delivering a technical and financial solution that optimizes the project’s LCOE to meet our clients’ expectations.

Performance analysis of operational assets

To fully optimize the asset, we provide a comprehensive assessment of the photovoltaic or wind power project. We base these assessments on ad hoc performance reports and technical audits.

We handle warranty claims, technical performance and verification of safety-related incidents in the plant. This service can be combined with inspection and measurement.

Technical advisory services for lenders

We can help lenders resolve any doubts they may have when finalizing the facility agreement with the borrower. We provide technical due diligence advice on the asset to be financed.

We also provide site supervision and milestone verification, commissioning and evaluation of the provisional acceptance certificate (PAC) and operational follow-up and evaluation of the final acceptance certificate (FAC).

BESS (battery energy storage systems) consulting

As with any other technology, offering technical guarantees is also essential when it comes to BESS. Our experts in this field can cover the following:

  • Feasibility study.
  • Regulatory framework analysis.
  • Applicable revenue streams (demand response and demand management system).
  • Creation of technological and market scenarios.
  • Technical and economic feasibility analysis.
  • Analysis of the authorization process.
  • Project planning and design.
  • Technology and application overview.
  • Project engineering and management for the owner (in construction phase).
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We help our clients during the development, construction, connection and start-up phases