Asset management consulting

When it comes to renewable projects, every decision matters

Asset management consulting ensures full control of the facilities while optimizing their maintenance and profitability. Specifically, we offer technical studies and asset behavior analysis in order to optimize plant performance. We approach this from a technical and economic perspective in order to maximize the useful life of the plant.

Our asset management
consulting services

Optimization and performance analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the data and performance of the plant and its main equipment. As asset management consultants, we present different proposals and action plans to optimize facility performance, always keeping in mind the cost and benefits of its implementation.

Revamping and repowering coordination

The technical asset management team assesses the project to analyze performance, decide whether the facility needs repowering or a potential replacement of its core equipment (revamping).

The technical consulting team will then weigh the feasibility of the investment and will handle the administrative management side of things to secure authorization for the planned changes.

At the client’s request, the team can help define the scope of the work and handle other documents required to prepare a call for tenders and choose the companies that will handle the work in the field. 

Once authorization is secured, the technical team will handle the contracting, equipment sourcing, verification of the warranties of the new equipment and scheduling the work that needs to be done, including supervision and visits to the plant.

Finally, our team will coordinate the submission of all the final documents related to the change to your management team for final approval or additional changes.

Pre-COD activities

We offer technical and administrative support to clients in the pre-commercial operation date (COD) stage of any renewable energy facility, building an in-depth understanding of the project to ensure that everything is 100% up to speed when the plant goes operational.

Because our technical team is local and engaged in your project, we can help clients finish all technology-specific technical, administrative and bureaucratic procedures required by local regulations.

At this phase of the project, our team ensures that all permits and requirements established by different governments are respected, contacting the LRS (last resort supplier), registering the plant, checking to make sure that the energy it produces is entered into the system, and much more.

Our team will also contact the main services (O&M, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, SCADA, etc.) to verify that the plant will be able to supply and sell power immediately after start-up as well as be monitored remotely.

At this point of the process, the team will incorporate the project into NUO, a proprietary platform designed by the Vector Renewables team to provide comprehensive control over the project, ensuring full access to data and remote plant management as soon as the asset is put into operation.

Plant rating for the incentive program

We provide expert support for clients looking to have their plants rated for access to government-sponsored local incentive programs (auctions, contract for differences, fixed sales price lists, tax credits, subsidies and non-refundable financing, etc.).
During this phase, our team will help the client compile and submit all technical, administrative and financial documents in line with the required procedures.

The team will continue to guide the client until the final rating is given, including during potential government-mandated integration into the system, whether before the construction phase, after the plant is placed into operation or both.

Technical inspection, diagnosis and analysis services

Looking for an expert to conduct a technical analysis of the plant? Vector Renewables offers this service to solar and wind farms.

This technical analysis covers thermography, I-V curves, power curves, performance study of large components, blade alignment or anemometer measurements, alarm-based performance (to avoid preventable alarm-related losses), vibration analysis and blade inspections (cracks, defects etc.)

Contract optimization and negotiation

Improving a facility's operational contracts is a strategic part of asset management. By analyzing and reviewing associated scopes and costs, we can optimize the asset while ensuring that the plant runs seamlessly.

Advice on PPAs and revenue optimization

PPAs (power purchase agreements) are a challenging aspect of renewable asset management. This makes it particularly important to seek an expert to manage and analyze these contracts. Vector Renewables provides PPA support with a detailed analysis of the potential risks associated with these agreements.

Bidding processes

We coordinate and provide technical support in all bidding processes for operating contracts (for the right to use assets belonging to other companies).

We also plan follow-up meetings with vendors, Q&A sessions, scope reviews and comparisons of all submitted proposals with the best option.

Optimization of power supply contracts

Do you need help with your plant’s power supply contracts? One of our strengths in asset management consulting is the study and analysis of the supply contract and the plant's power and usage status. By reviewing and making adjustments we can optimize the cost of the contract.

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We help our clients during the development, construction, connection and start-up phases