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Making renewable energy projects easier around the world

We are one of the leading independent consulting firms in the renewable energy sector. With projects under management in over ten countries, we deliver technical, financial and legal support throughout the entire life cycle of renewable energy facilities.

Our experience in renewable energies

With over 15 years of experience in the sector, we are strategic partners for major renewable projects in more than 40 countries. Our numbers speak for themselves:
projects managed
Asset management
Technical advisory services
Financial advisory services


Custom consulting for renewable energy projects

We help our clients during the development, construction, connection and start-up phases. Once the project is up and running, we manage the facilities from both a technical and financial/commercial perspective.

Coordination and supervision of third-party technical tasks, on-site technical inspections and much more.

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Full range of consulting services for contract management and negotiation, performance optimization, tenders etc.

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Specialized technical support regarding renewable assets: technical due diligence, feasibility, performance etc.

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Comprehensive advice on the technical aspects of tendering and EPC contracts, construction supervision etc.

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Design of renewable projects from the ground up, engineering reviews, design optimization etc.

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Financial advisory services on investing and selling green energy projects in any market.

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Comprehensive advisory services for the renewables market to help you plan a sound financial strategy.

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Find the answer to all your questions about financing, financial planning, asset risks etc.

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Legal advisory services on all types of commercial operations (acquisitions, mergers, liquidation etc.)

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Legal advisory services on land lease or sale contracts for renewable energy projects.

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Advice on regulations and legislation concerning renewable projects in any market and phase.

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Solutions that cover the entire life cycle of a renewable energy facility, from design to management throughout its useful life.

We are one of the leading independent consulting firms in the renewable energy sector. Our highly qualified and experienced team provides support at every stage of your renewable energy project, backed by the expertise of one of the industry’s top companies.

Did you know that applying ESG criteria to your renewable project delivers multiple benefits?

Vector Renewables provides international support in the application of ESG criteria throughout the life cycle of renewable projects and the incorporation of sustainability into the business model strategy. Our experts’ multidisciplinary approach and in-depth knowledge help increase the value of our clients’ projects for investors. We also enhance efficiency by focusing on what matters and work to optimize the creation of value for both clients and their stakeholders.

News / Blog
Regulatory developments, market trends, opportunities, industry news and more. Check out the latest news at Vector Renewables:
01 February 2023
Just as a ship can be placed upwind of another and leave it without wind, wind turbines located in a certain way can affect others in the production of energy. Today we tell you about the characteristics of this reality that engineers deal with every...
18 January 2023

 The planet is sending out 'code reds' for us to pump the brakes on global warming. The net zero emissions target is the only way to reverse course.

28 December 2022
The 2030 agenda foresees that this technology will represent 7GW of the 157GW of installed capacity in Spain. Unlike a photovoltaic plant, which uses sunlight to obtain electricity, this one is based on concentrating the sun's energy to obtain therma...
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