Commercial asset management

The financial and administrative support you need for your renewable project

Commercial asset management focuses on the end-to-end administration and compliance of the company that ows the facility. This includes regulatory issues as well as contractual, legal, tax, administrative, commercial and environmental obligations.

Generally, the type of client that hires us is a SPV (special purpose vehicle), a company created specifically for this purpose, which is usually a subsidiary created by a parent company

Our commercial
asset management services

Accounting and administration

We record accounting entries as well as calculate and enter the corresponding depreciation provisions. We also take care of the company’s bookkeeping and correspondence.

Treasury management

We manage the company’s income statement, as well as the preparation and processing of preferential credit lines and tax deferrals.

We prepare and process payment orders and manage debt payments according to the schedules established in the financing and intra-group debt agreements.

We also manage companies’ income and tax accounts on behalf of our clients.


We prepare monthly or quarterly financial statements and annual statutory accounts. We file these statements in the Business Registry and can even manage the external accounting audit at the client’s request.

Tax management

We make managing tax obligations related to renewable projects simple. We monitor regulatory compliance and create an annual schedule of tax obligations, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are fully tax-compliant.

However, we do more than just planning – we also prepare and file tax returns and manage tax refunds. We also maintain, if necessary, a direct and fluid relationship with the tax authorities for all tax-related matters.

Project finance management

Renewable energy plants require a substantial investment and a long-term financing plan. Vector Renewables has specialists in the management of structured and highly customized financing (project finance).

We monitor and verify specific obligations, preparing the annual budget (profit and loss and cash flow) and reports for financial institutions. We round out this service with cash flow updates and liquidity analysis.

Financial reporting

The company that manages the plant needs to regularly present financial reports to its shareholders. To this end, our commercial asset management department submits monthly financial statements and a quarterly executive management report.

Legal assistance and corporate affairs

Renewable assets involve an almost overwhelming number of legal and corporate issues Nonetheless, everything is easier if you outsource them. Vector Renewables helps our clients with board of directors and shareholder meeting minutes.

We manage the company’s legal records and all contractual documentation. This gives our clients more time and greater peace of mind.

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We help our clients during the development, construction, connection and start-up phases