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Advisory services on renewable energy regulation and legislation

Renewable energy regulations and legislation are constantly changing from one country to another. The way we support our clients does not. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services at any stage of a clean energy project, anywhere in the world and always in line with the latest regulatory developments.

Corporate restructuring processes

All business transactions have legal implications. This means that companies engaged in corporate restructurings – mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions etc. – should be familiar with all the legal details involved.

At Vector Renewables we support companies throughout these processes, drawing on our extensive knowledge and international experience in the renewable energy industry. We help clients with:
  • Corporate group restructurings
  • Acquisition financing
  • Purchase and sale of shares and renewable assets
  • Capital increases and contributions of assets and business lines
  • Mergers, spin-offs and other structural modifications
  • Company liquidation

Real estate law and legislation related to renewable energy projects

A strategic aspect of developing renewable energy projects is the site where the projects are located.
Sound legal advice is critical before signing any purchase and sale or acquisition, as well as for the financing/refinancing of these transactions and their collateral guarantees.

Vector Renewables delivers full support on all legal issues, providing advisory services on clean energy legislation and regulations for all markets.

We handle the review, negotiation, drafting and execution of land leases, contracts regarding land use rights etc.

We also manage real estate due diligence, the audit you need to verify that the property you want to purchase or develop for your project complies with all applicable legislation and that signed contracts are in line with current market conditions.

Additionally, we take care of ensuring the bankability of all real estate documents of the majority of our clients.

Regulation and energy law

In some markets, including the Spanish market, renewable projects have to consider legislation at several levels (European Union, national and regional regulations). This makes the help of a specialized lawyer with expertise in the renewable industry and who is familiar with the sector’s latest legal developments essential.

Our team of experts provides regulatory advice at every stage of energy projects. For example, we support our clients throughout the project’s initial stage, helping manage permits, licenses and authorizations. With acquisitions and mergers, we provide support throughout the change of ownership of permits, licenses and administrative authorizations. Our team has proven experience in working with government authorities, saving our clients a great deal of time.

We can also provide market reports and expert reports on regulatory aspects in markets as different as Italy and Spain. These reports are always tailored to the needs of each client and the market in which they operate.

We offer end-to-end coverage of your renewable energy project.

During any phase and in any country. Find the expert you need for your solar or wind power plant and get the most out of your facility. We make complex look easy!

Asset management

We guarantee compliance with all technical, financial and administrative aspects of your power plant. Your plant will be prepared for maximum performance while ensuring that you as facility owner, as well as the third parties working at the plant, comply with all regulations.
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Technical advisory services

We help you to comply with the wide range of technical requirements for your renewable energy facility. From plant design to development to technical reports for improvement in the operation phase. You’ll always have the technical know-how of our consultants at your fingertips.
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Financial advisory services

We have advisors who specialize in renewable energy transaction and the financing and refinancing of energy projects around the world. Our experience in all phases and fields provides us with a valuable perspective to advise our clients in their future investments.
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Strategic consulting services

Coupled with our experience in all project stages and areas, we draw on our highly skilled team of experts to advise our clients on their future investments.
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ESG and Sustainability

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to your renewable asset’s ESG focus throughout its entire life cycle and integrate sustainability into the heart of your business model. Make your renewable asset more attractive to investors, while creating value for stakeholders and local communities.
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