Purchase, construction and start-up

Boost the productivity of your renewable project while cutting costs

This service helps the client to evaluate the optimum site engineering option for the management of projects under construction. Managing a 50 MW photovoltaic plant requires less effort than managing a 250 MW photovoltaic plant; neither is dealing with a single EPC contractor the same as managing a BoP contractor, several suppliers and intermediate phases (PV plant, substation, grid connection, start-up).

Our team of experts closely monitors project construction through several levels of support, from remote construction supervision with monthly visits to 24-hour on-site presence. We also supervise the start-up and correct execution of the provisional and final acceptance tests stipulated in the contracts.

Our construction
and start-up services

Owner´s engineering

At Vector Renewables we are well aware of the issues that could arise under an EPC contract. This is why transparency is essential when negotiating contracts. As technical advisors for renewable projects, we provide comprehensive service in the negotiation of major contracts and provide qualified support in project design, construction and acceptance.

You want the best terms and conditions and your contract. We’re here to get them for you. The involvement of experienced technicians guarantees that all the processes are fulfilled within the established legal standards. We take care of:

  • Engineering design review. Prior to construction, our experts ensure the suitability of the proposed design to the contract requirements. During construction, we ensure that any modifications or variations are acceptable and up to standard. Upon completion, we confirm and verify the actual execution of the project.
  • Construction follow-up. We audit the construction progress according to the schedule, supervising compliance with quality standards. This includes any applicable regulations, EPC contract and warranties, either through regular visits to the plant or a permanent on-site presence.
  • Quality control plan. We review and verify the quality performance of the EPC contractor and the project's main third parties through inspections and visits to the site or manufacturing facilities. Typical tests we perform for our clients include:
    • Factory acceptance test (FAT) of the main equipment.
    • Site acceptance test (SAT).
      Provisional acceptance certificate (PAC).
    • Final acceptance certificate (FAC).

  • Commissioning support:
    • Preparation and verification of completion of punch list (list with requirements to be completed by the contractor before the project can be finalized).
    • Review of the contractor's documentation.
    • Review of performance tests and start-up.

Project management and construction supervision

We can handle all strategic roles in the construction phase on behalf of the client. These include working as project managers, plant managers and those responsible for health and safety coordination.

EPC and O&M bidding

We prepare and compile all the documentation (basic design, technical specifications, documents and requirements) needed to open a bid for proposals. Our technicians fully manage the open bidding process of an EPC/BoP project up to the project contracting. Our service is rounded out with specialized advice for the drafting of EPC/BoP and O&M contracts.

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We help our clients during the development, construction, connection and start-up phases