Synergy between Legal and Asset Management. A way to boost renewable projects


In the competitive world of providing services for renewable energy projects, it is essential to highlight those characteristics that make the difference when offering such services. In this context, Vector Renewables is a leader, thanks to a line of independent legal services that goes beyond advice on the regulations themselves, always trying to adapt to the commercial and financial needs of its clients.

But the truth is that Vector Renewables' Legal Department not only provides services to third parties, but also supports the Technical Advisory and Asset Management lines. This integrated approach is essential, because of the intrinsic technical-legal nature of the services offered by Vector Renewables.

The close collaboration between the Technical Advisory and Legal Services lines significantly broadens the range of services available. This not only translates into a broader offering, but also into a depth of knowledge that provides a competitive advantage in the projects in which Vector Renewables may be present.

The department headed by Rafael Echegoyen with the support of Beatriz Gonzalez offers “in-house” services. This vertical integration means that there is no need to outsource external services. From the beginning to the end of the life cycle of renewable projects, a complete solution is offered, covering both technical and legal aspects.

The Department led by Rafael Echegoyen not only analyzes incidents from different prisms and areas of action, but also follows a “One stop shop" approach, meaning that Vector Renewables is able to offer a complete service that covers all areas of a renewable energy project, eliminating the need for customers to resort to different suppliers.

In summary, Vector Renewables' strength lies in its ability to offer legal and technical services differentiating Vector Renewables as a comprehensive and reliable partner in the renewable energy sector.

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