Vector Renewables will be the Technical Advisor for a repowering Project in southern Japan

Vector Renewables is pleased to announce that it has been selected to perform the Technical Due Diligence (TDD) of a repowering project in southern Japan with a total capacity of 30MW. This project re...

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Calculation of contractual availabilities in the renewable energy sector

The transition towards a more sustainable energy future involves the integration and asset management of renewable energies. In this context, the calculation of contractual availabilities emerges as a...

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Vector Renewables, Technical Advisor for an AgriPV project owned by Recurrent Energy in Italy

Vector Renewables a leading independent advisor on renewable energy projects, has provided technical advisory services to Recurrent Energy for the Agrivoltaic plant ‘Anguillara’ located in Sicily with...

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Agrivoltaics development in Italy: the current challenge

Agrivoltaics is a system that evidently increases land use efficiency by simultaneously enabling main agricultural crop production and secondary solar PV power generation on the same cropland area, wh...

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Vector Renewables has provided Owner’s Engineering services to Everwood Capital in a portfolio of more than 74 MW

Vector Renewables, a leading independent renewable projects advisor, has been selected by the Spanish fund Everwood to provide the Owner's Engineering service for a portfolio of 6 solar photovoltaic p...

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Owner’s engineering services for photovoltaic plants from Italy

In Italy, the solar energy market is experiencing exponential growth, making the construction of grid-connected photovoltaic plants a fundamental element of the transition to a cleaner and more sustai...

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