Vector Renewables increases its commitment to renewable energy with a new wind project in Oaxaca in which we will provide Asset management services.


Vector Renewables, a leading independent renewable energy consulting firm, is pleased to announce its participation in an exciting wind project in Oaxaca, Mexico, in collaboration with Energías Ambientales de Oaxaca (EAOSA), a subsidiary of Dragados Industrial and part of the ACS Group. This project represents another step forward in Vector Renewables' trajectory in the North American country, where it already has more than 10 years of experience. Vicente Garcia, Country Manager, wanted to empha...

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Owner’s engineering services for photovoltaic plants from Italy


In Italy, the solar energy market is experiencing exponential growth, making the construction of grid-connected photovoltaic plants a fundamental element of the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy source. In this scenario and with investment expected to rise (with other countries such as Germany or Portugal) in the coming years, the Technical Advisor has a vital role to occupy during the construction phase of the projects. Through the Owner’s engineering service, the Technical Ad...

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Synergy between Legal and Asset Management. A way to boost renewable projects


In the competitive world of providing services for renewable energy projects, it is essential to highlight those characteristics that make the difference when offering such services. In this context, Vector Renewables is a leader, thanks to a line of independent legal services that goes beyond advice on the regulations themselves, always trying to adapt to the commercial and financial needs of its clients. But the truth is that Vector Renewables' Legal Department not only provides services to th...

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Vector Renewables signs new agreement for the management of 64 MW of photovoltaic power in Chile

Vector Renewables signs new agreement for the management of 64 MW of photovoltaic power in Chile

Vector Renewables, as a prominent independent advisor in renewable energies with over 15 years of experience, solidifies its presence in Chile following the recent signing of an agreement with the investment and development company OBTON for the management of assets of its first photovoltaic solar plants in the country and Latin America, with a total capacity of 64 MWp. The portfolio comprises seven photovoltaic projects in PMG(D) format, located in the O'Higgins, Maule, and Metropolitan regions...

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