Vector Renewables chosen as Top Employer 2023


Vector Renewables Spain is proud to announce that it has once again been awarded the Top Employers 2023 certificate in recognition of the excellent practices it continues to implement in its organization. This achievement reflects our strong commitment to placing people at the center of our strategy and to cultivating a professional environment based on the principles of fairness, diversity and inclusion.

Every day, we have the opportunity to develop the competencies of our teams to meet the increasingly competitive challenges of the marketplace. We remain dedicated to fostering a culture of trust, people care and knowledge sharing, which enables us to create and maintain innovative and competent advantages for the entire group. We constantly exchange feedback to improve our human resources practices, listen to people's needs and actively support them in their professional growth through specific development and training programs and by enjoying internal mentoring sessions offered by our management. What our people value most is the time they spend with senior professionals learning on the job: "on-the-job training" is still one of the most stimulating and pragmatic methods for young people taking their first steps in this sector.

Each year, the rigorous study conducted by the Top Employers Institute evaluates the working conditions offered by companies to their professionals, consolidating itself as one of the most prestigious international certifications in the field of Human Resources.

The international diversity of talent, together with the expansion of new business lines, continues to be a fundamental element of Vector Renewables' growth. This has allowed us to maintain a multicultural team, composed of professionals from different countries, generating an inclusive and diverse work environment that promotes the development of a long-term sustainable project.

This recognition reinforces the commitment and effort of the entire Vector Renewables team. As Deborah da Prada, our HR Business Partner, affirms: "This recognition makes me proud of the company I work for. We are fortunate to work with almost 200 colleagues in 9 countries around the world and with more than 30 different nationalities: an invaluable wealth of human capital. We have in our hands the opportunity to do great things. How do we do it? By nurturing the motivation of our staff, encouraging continuous exchanges between departments, designing growth programs for different management groups and promoting international mobility”.

Deborah also emphasizes the relevance of this certification as a strategic resource to identify potential areas for improvement and define a strategy focused on the continuous development of a workplace that promotes the engagement and satisfaction of our employees.

At Vector Renewables, we maintain a strong commitment to the professional development of young people, providing them with opportunities to start their careers and promoting collaboration through various personal and professional development initiatives.

“The company's strategy translates into a culture of open dialogue, active listening and constant motivation. Our culture of continuous feedback improves people's engagement and effectiveness and helps us to create a strong, inclusive and highly professional team”, says Deborah Da Prada, our HR Business Partner.

Marco Guarneroli, Head of Vector Renewables, says: "We are growing as a company and as people every day, strengthening our professionalism. The real challenge remains to keep people motivated and not to lose people with great potential. That is why we invest a lot in our HR policies. We have a Total Reward system that goes beyond monetary incentives, including a variety of initiatives to support people in their professional and personal growth, promoting work-life balance”.

With this recognition, Vector Renewables joins the list of more than 100 companies in Spain that have obtained the Top Employers certification, consolidating its position as an employer of choice. To date, the Top Employers Institute has awarded this distinction to more than 1,800 companies in 123 countries, positively impacting the lives of 8 million employees worldwide.

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