Cero Generation is finalising preparations for Italy's largest Agrovoltaic plant (70MWp) with Vector Renewables as Asset Management and Owner’s Engineer as well as provider of some HSE services

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Pontinia, Lazio - Vector Renewables is pleased to announce that it is participating in the construction and upcoming commissioning of the largest agrovoltaic plant ever built in Italy, located in Pontinia, Lazio. With a generating capacity of 70 megawatt peak (MWp), this facility will be a significant achievement in Vector Renewables' commitment to renewable energy development in the country.

Vector provides support in two of its most important business lines: Commercial Asset Management and Owner's Engineering for the construction of the plant. It is overseen by the engineering team, providing solid technical support and ensuring detailed review of the documentation and technical aspects of the project. Among other services, engineering design review, grid connection support and on-site construction management are also provided.

During the construction phase, Vector Renewables supported the property in rigorously complying with TERNA's guidelines, ensuring compliance with local regulations and the highest quality standards. Furthermore, commissioning and performance testing will be performed to ensure optimal operation of the plant.

As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence in asset management, Vector Renewables will be in charge of the technical and commercial management of the plant during the operation phase. The Technical Asset Management team, will oversee the constant monitoring of the plant's performance, ensuring its optimal operation and compliance with all regulations.

In addition to the services mentioned above in the technical section, Vector Renewables will be providing pre-COD services ensuring a smooth transition between the construction and Operation of the plant providing verification of compliance with the Network Code during operations, and Supervision of Service Providers and Activities of Operations and Maintenance Agreement, to ensure the continuous efficiency and success of the project.

Vector Renewables will also provide support in the management and coordination of HSE services to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations related to health, safety and environment. It will also ensure that all environmental reporting and permitting obligations to the authorities are correct, as required. Furthermore, the preparation of the respective control and monitoring programs required for the risks due to the contemporary presence of photovoltaic technicians and farmers will be coordinated.

Vector Renewables is committed to providing comprehensive services to ensure the continued success and efficiency of the largest agrivoltaic plant in Italy.

We continue to focus on leading the industry towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.

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