France suffers high dependency on nuclear power & promotes solar PV to achieve its 2030 renewable energy targets

News about extended outages at some nuclear reactors in France which have sent European power prices to records grabbed the headlines repeatedly over the past weeks. French energy markets regulator CRE proposed tighter rules under which alternative energy providers buy power from nuclear power station managed by state-controlled utility EDF. CRE aims thereby curbing potential speculation in the French power market after spot and forward electricity prices surged to record highs due to tight nucl...

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Vector Cuatro wind power capacity under management reaches 244 MW

As part of its technological diversification strategy, Vector Cuatro already manages 9 wind energy projects in Spain, France, Italy and the UK, totaling 244 MW of installed capacity. Within this portfolio, the company carries out the technical management of turbines from 4 different manufacturers. Services provided include plants operation, access control and Health and Safety activities. Although Vector Cuatro had previously provided wind services, the company has decided to focus on this techn...

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Our new corporate video is here

    Vector Cuatro continues to reinvent itself and launches a new corporate video through its website As part of its aim to render an improved service on a global basis and to strengthen its activities in different markets around the world, in 2015 Vector Cuatro launched a new website. Several months later and after updating and implementing a new design in most of its corporate material, the company releases now its promotional video. This change reflects the strength...

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Vector Cuatro Japan passes the 100 MW mark of assets under management

The company has recently closed an agreement for the management of two more solar PV projects totaling 27.9 MW. With this contract Vector Cuatro increases its portfolio of assets under management in Japan to a total of 105 MW. In November 2015, Vector Cuatro announced the beginning of its activity as an asset manager in Japan for a 3.5 MW solar PV plant, owned by one of the most important companies in the Pacific energy sector. Only one year later the Spanish consultancy overcomes the 100 MW mar...

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