Vector Cuatro Japan passes the 100 MW mark of assets under management

The company has recently closed an agreement for the management of two more solar PV projects totaling 27.9 MW. With this contract Vector Cuatro increases its portfolio of assets under management in Japan to a total of 105 MW. In November 2015, Vector Cuatro announced the beginning of its activity as an asset manager in Japan for a 3.5 MW solar PV plant, owned by one of the most important companies in the Pacific energy sector. Only one year later the Spanish consultancy overcomes the 100 MW mar...

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Vector Cuatro launches new profile on Twitter

Tweet As part of its communication strategy, Vector Cuatro arrives to the social network Twitter with the aim of reporting on its global activities through @vectorcuatro, its newly released profile. The company trusts in the opportunities that this social network provides. The goal is to be in direct contact with professionals in the renewable energy sector and to inform about its different activities carried out through its nine local delegations. This initiative reinforce the communication eff...

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Vector Cuatro opens new office in Chile

Tweet The Spanish multinational opens a new office in Chile as a new regional hub for its activities in South America and to further strengthen its international presence. The new office is located in Santiago de Chile, in concrete in the Las Condes district, where the local team has been operating since a few weeks. This new location joins the local delegations that the group has at present outside of Spain, namely in Italy, France, Bulgaria, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Vector Cuatro ...

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Argentina restarts its renewable energy services industry with a policy review and ambitious goals towards 2025

Tweet Essential economic reform plans of Argentina’s new government under president-elect Mauricio Macri, with a major transformation of the electricity sector, are currently favouring a renewable energy services boom in Argentina. A total of 9 GW of new green capacity is expected to be introduced to the electricity mix by 2025. Since the new Administration has come to power in late 2015, the Renewable Energy Market in Argentina got strongly pushed and has already attracted a lot of interest amo...

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