Vector Renewables, Asset Manager and Owner’s Engineer of three solar photovoltaic projects owned by Sancus Capital

Vector Renewables, a leading independent advisor for renewable projects, has been selected by the investment fund Sancus Capital to provide Commercial Asset Management and construction support (Owner’s Engineering) for three solar photovoltaic assets in Spain. It concerns the projects 'Sol de Murcia', 'Los Mistrales' and 'Pajaritos', with a total capacity of 10.92 MWp and located in the municipalities of Cartagena and Mazarron, in Murcia. As part of the agreement, from the Asset Management area,...

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Agrivoltaics, the advantages of combining renewables and agriculture

While the concept first appeared in 1981, it has taken several decades to coin the word ‘agrivoltaics’ and fully understand its many benefits. Agrivoltaics is all about combining agriculture and renewable energy generation, for example, solar panels and crops on the same area of land. Fixed support systems are used to raise the solar panels about five meters above the ground, allowing farm machinery to access the crops below. Other solutions include solar greenhouses or photovoltaic modules inst...

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Storage as a key point in the energy transition

If there is one concept linked to the energy transition, it is energy storage. Although not a generation technology in its own right, storage enables the integration of other generation technologies to work together, creating a whole new range of opportunities for the renewable energy sector. Where solar or wind power is not available, storage will play an essential role in making power generation more flexible, supporting the integration of renewables and ensuring the stability of the electrici...

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The Spanish electricity system: characteristics and upcoming challenges

From generation to final consumption, the electricity system encompasses all the phases that electricity goes through. It is a complex process that involves multiple stakeholders, a system that continues to generate doubts even though it is such a prevalent part of our lives. Everyone has heard the famous phrase, "If they have explained the Spanish electricity system to you and you understand it, they have explained it badly". Let’s get started!   What are the phases of the electricity system? T...

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