How do ESG rating works?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are used to assess a company's risks becoming relevant during the investment decision-making process. To secure our operations, it is necessary to assess how well companies manage ESG factors and provide information on their business practices. This is to help identify better opportunities. ESG criteria are often used to screen and evaluate companies during the investment process. One of the reasons investors are increasingly taking these crit...

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Why is it important to have a technical advisor during the construction of a solar PV plant?

When it comes to tackling the construction phase of a renewable energy project, many problems and unforeseen events can arise. The support of a specialised technical advisor, who performs the Owner’s Engineering and guarantees specific quality standards, increasing the productivity of the plant and reducing costs under regulations in force at any given time and place, can make the difference in the final result of a project. At Vector Renewables, we are aware of this and have a highly qualified ...

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PPA: what it is, its advantages and where it stands in Japan

The PPA has become a strategic tool in the renewables market. Want to find out what it is and the advantages it provides for different stakeholders? Keep reading this post.   What is an energy PPA? PPA stands for Power Purchase Agreement. It is a long-term power purchase agreement between a renewable energy developer and a corporate consumer or seller who will then resell the energy.  Under a PPA, the parties agree on a price for the sale of the energy over a period of time, typically between 5 ...

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Why you should invest in renewable asset management software

The renewable energy sector is one in transformation, with digitalization playing a key role. Since the industry began to talk of “analyzing information through big data” in 2010, activities such as asset management using software and the distribution of electrical energy via intelligent systems are now the order of the day. In 2021, digitalization is no longer a question of improvement, but rather something that is completely necessary, given the demand for real-time interconnectability in prod...

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