Long Term Decarbonization Power Source Auction in Japan

After years of expectation, Japan has finally created an auction system to provide a 20-year fixed revenue for newly developed power sources, including battery energy storage systems (BESS). The Gover...

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Spain to host new renewable energy auctions: Restart or hurdles?

In early 2016, the Spanish government held an energy auction for 500 MW of wind power and 200 MW of biomass which was oversubscribed by more than five times and drew criticism for lacking a prequalifi...

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New renewable energy auction to be held in Spain on 17 May 2017: Are you ready?

The Spanish renewable market has been capturing headlines during the last few weeks. Following the publication, on March 31st, of the “Real Decreto 359/2017 that announced the auction of 2,000 MW exte...

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Second opportunity for renewables in Spain: new 3000 MW auction announced before this summer

The Spanish President Mariano Rajoy has just announced that a new 3,000 MW renewable energy auction will take place before the summer. The draft of the Royal Decree has been already submitted to the C...

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Second renewable energy auction in Spain to be held in July. Understanding the changes in the Auction rules.

Following the announcement by the Government that a new auction will be held before the summer, it was published the Royal Decree 650/2017 by which is approved a 3,000 MW auction for new renewable ene...

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Vector Cuatro, global support in a 30 MW solar PV project in Mexico

Camargo is a 30 MW solar PV project located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua in which Vector Cuatro has provided services through its three business lines: Asset Management, Transactions and Engineer...

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