Vector Renewables, appointed local manager of a 53.3 MWp “grid parity” solar plant in Sardinia - Italy

Vector Renewables, the global renewables Asset Manager and Technical Advisory company, has recently closed an agreement with the German investment company KGAL for the local management of their newly built solar PV project located in the Italian region of Sardinia and connected to the grid in August this year. Vector Renewables will be providing a full scope service including technical management and performance improvement, H&SE, contractual compliance, accounting, book-keeping and fiscal a...

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Vector Cuatro is now Vector Renewables

Vector Renewables is the name that will replace Vector Cuatro after 15 years in operation, and with which the company will strive forward to meet its objectives over the coming years. Following the steps of its parent company, Falck Renewables, and all the companies of the group, Vector Renewables welcomes this new identity as a step towards modernization without losing sight of its most valuable asset: its clients. The name change is united with a new graphic identity, whereby they are looking ...

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Extraordinary complex situation, challenges us to be more supportive with our clients and look toward the future

COVID-19 has rapidly spread, affecting almost all countries worldwide. Latest economic consensus have shown a general and significant GDP drop, especially relevant in those markets highly dependent on external demand and/or labor-intensive sectors, like the Spanish market. As a result of the health crisis, Government has declared the alarm status, which has a wide variety of implications, many of them impacting the power sector: •  Economy lockdown has led to a relevant decrease in power demand....

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Wind keeps blowing, sun does not stop rising and at Vector Cuatro, we do not stop!

Firstly, we would like to remind all coronavirus victims and transmitting our best support to their relatives and all the society. Thanks to smart working politics and work flexibility we implemented two years ago, we can now develop a seamless transition to face COVID-19 crisis and we keep doing our best from home, in order to help our clients with their renewables projects all around the world. We have agreed protocols and procedures with our clients to allow plants visits and construction sup...

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