Do you know what the 'wake effect' is in a wind farm?

Do you know what the 'wake effect' is in a wind farm?

Just as a ship can be placed upwind of another and leave it without wind, wind turbines located in a certain way can affect others in the production of energy. Today we tell you about the characteristics of this reality that engineers deal with every day in the design and construction phases of a wind farm. The 'wake effect' is the trail left by each turbine where wind speeds are reduced. The wind regime generates additional turbulence to that already produced by the terrain, affecting nearby wi...

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Net Zero: the urgent challenge of net zero emissions


 The planet is sending out 'code reds' for us to pump the brakes on global warming. The net zero emissions target is the only way to reverse course.

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Did you know that one of the ways to take advantage of sunlight to convert it into energy is through solar thermal power plants?


The 2030 agenda foresees that this technology will represent 7GW of the 157GW of installed capacity in Spain. Unlike a photovoltaic plant, which uses sunlight to obtain electricity, this one is based on concentrating the sun's energy to obtain thermal energy. The operation is similar to that of a thermal power plant, but instead of coal or gas, solar radiation is used. This is possible from the collectors, which capture and concentrate the energy that will heat the fluid that will circulate to g...

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The NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) phenomenon and renewable energies

Nimby, Not In My Backyard

The energy transition is impossible without renewable energy and, despite public agreement, not everyone wants a solar plant or a wind farm as a new neighbor.  NIMBY (Not in My Backyard), or community opposition to proposed renewable projects in their local area, is a common phenomenon that raises many questions we will try to answer in this post.   What is the NIMBY phenomenon? NIMBY is an acronym for "Not in My Backyard”. It consists of a social community's direct opposition to the negative ef...

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