What is the water footprint and how do renewables impact it?

Maybe you've heard of the water footprint, which is the water used to grow your food and produce your clothes and the things you buy. This term is directly related to sustainability and is growing increasingly more popular. We'll take a deep dive into the concept and its direct relationship with energy production in this post.   What do we mean by water footprint? Water footprint measures the volume of water directly and indirectly used to produce goods and services. It also serves as an indicat...

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RePowerEU Plan and some Actions of the European Commission to reduce energy dependence

In reaction to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the European Union has created a package of actions aimed to shut off Russia's energy dependence on fossil fuels. This package of actions focuses on the one hand, on mitigating the effects of the war on the energy markets, and on the other, on reducing energy dependence, diversifying gas supplies (supporting the penetration of other gases of renewable origin that can replace it as green H2 and biomethane) accelerating the implementation of renewable g...

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Energy communities: what they are and how they work

They have ceased to be an isolated initiative to become an inspiring movement that gains followers. Energy communities represent a new model for producing and distributing energy. What are energy communities? These are groups of people, associations, companies, or even public administrations that are organized to achieve common goals related to the use of energy. Usually, they are related to making better use of renewable resources in a specific location and are decisive in promoting citizen par...

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Some practices implemented in our team to improve well-being and productivity

Undoubtedly, the arrival of the pandemic in early 2020 completely revolutionized our day-to-day working lives. Morning jams to get to the office, coffee with department colleagues, and face-to-face meetings were replaced by so many other habits that, to this day, seem to have been with us forever. The reality is that long before the COVID era, the Human Resources department of Vector Renewables had already started to think about some good practices to improve the well-being of its employees and ...

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