The next renewable energy auction in Spain

Under the current Renewable Energy Economic Regime (REER), the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has announced the third renewable energy auction in Spain for April 6, 2022. In this post we’ll go over the key information for this can’t-miss date on our calendars.   CAPACITY This time, the auction will be much smaller than the two previous auctions, with a total of 500 MW up for grabs. This capacity will be distributed as follows:  • 200 MW for sola...

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Vector Renewables Spain is Top Employers 2022

Vector Renewables Spain has been awarded with the Top Employers 2022 certificate, thanks to the good practices it has implemented within its organization. The company remains committed to put people at the core and to develop a professional environment founded on the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion, embracing a culture of trust, caring of people and knowledge sharing to create and maintain innovative and competent advantages for all the group. Every year, Top Employers Institute car...

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Vector Renewables, Owner's Engineer of 8 solar PV projects in Spain promoted by BNZ

The green energy professional service provider, Vector Renewables, will advise the independent power producer (IPP) BNZ, during the construction of 8 Solar PV projects in Spain, totalling 473 MWp, one of the largest portfolios existing in the Spanish market. With a strong international experience as technical advisor, Vector Renewables has been selected by BNZ as owner’s engineer, to supervise the construction of the solar projects that the company plans to build starting from 2022. It is a 473 ...

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Five Facts about the Potential of a Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hydroelectric power plants use hydropower to generate renewable electricity. The process converts the natural flow of water into kinetic energy, which a turbine then converts into mechanical energy and subsequently into electrical energy when the turbine is coupled to a generator. To harness water's kinetic energy, these plants are built next to dams that have been designed to create a powerful waterfall.   Advantages of hydroelectric power plants 1. Extremely low operating costs. Compared to ot...

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