Vector Renewables, asset manager of a 131 MW solar portfolio owned by Commerz Real`s impact fund Klimavest

Vector Renewables has signed an agreement with Klimavest, an impact fund that has been launched by German asset and investment manager Commerz Real end of last year, for the management of three solar ...

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Vector Renewables, lead advisor in the sale of Kolya Renovables Group’s portfolio to MithraSol

Vector Renewables has provided financial and legal advisory services in the sale of a 7.5MWp portfolio owned by Greenpower Generation (Grupo Kolya Renovables) and acquired by the London company Mithra...

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Extraordinary complex situation, challenges us to be more supportive with our clients and look toward the future

COVID-19 has rapidly spread, affecting almost all countries worldwide. Latest economic consensus have shown a general and significant GDP drop, especially relevant in those markets highly dependent on...

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Investing in Mexico

Mexico is among the top 10 most attractive countries in the world with the highest investment in renewable energy. Currently, Mexico is in a situation of uncertainty and risk because the new Governmen...

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