Vector Renewables, Owner's Engineer of 8 solar PV projects in Spain promoted by BNZ

The green energy professional service provider, Vector Renewables, will advise the independent power producer (IPP) BNZ, during the construction of 8 Solar PV projects in Spain, totalling 473 MWp, one...

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Technical designs of PV projects in admisitrative phase vs. construction phase

The energy sector is currently experiencing a moment in which a large number of photovoltaic projects are under development. These projects primarily aim to meet the electrical supply needs of the con...

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Problems with the calculation of PR/Performance Ratio

Calculating the Performance Ratio (PR) is an essential tool for evaluating and measuring the efficiency of a photovoltaic plant. The PR provides an objective metric to determine how a solar energy ins...

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Advantages of using a drone for the construction of a solar photovoltaic plant

Drones have been one of the great technological revolutions of recent decades. What was unthinkable a few years ago in terms of technology and price, today is practically within everyone's reach. Thes...

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