Vector Renewables Chile will perform the Technical Management of 588 MW of photovoltaic assets for Mytilineos

Vector Renewables, a leading asset manager in renewable energy and storage projects, has been selected by the international company of Greek origin Mytilineos to provide Technical Asset Management for...

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Vector Renewables signs new agreement for the management of 64 MW of photovoltaic power in Chile

Vector Renewables, as a prominent independent advisor in renewable energies with over 15 years of experience, solidifies its presence in Chile following the recent signing of an agreement with the inv...

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Chile prepares itself for new energy tenders

In line with the prosperous evolvement of the renewable energy market during recent years and the boom that experienced above all the solar PV industry (with, as of December 2015, 750 MW in operation,...

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Vector Cuatro opens new office in Chile

Tweet The Spanish multinational opens a new office in Chile as a new regional hub for its activities in South America and to further strengthen its international presence. The new office is located in...

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PMGD’s an attractive option for project development in Chile

The Chilean Energy Market has been leading the renewable revolution in the Latin America region. About a decade ago, it was driven by the high spot price in the Chilean electrical grid. The first proj...

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The renewable energy paradox: an update on the chilean renewable market

Social media continues to play a fundamental role in the development of professional profiles, where experts in various fields share high-quality content. Patricia Dárez has been part of the Vector Re...

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