Make the best decisions for your commercial renewable energy operations

Financial advisory services for investments in renewable energies

The renewable energy market has become one of the most thriving and competitive sectors globally. That is why we provide our clients with strategic advice and highly specialised financial services so they can really get the most out of their investment in clean energy. All of this with the sole objective of maximising profits by optimising the investment.
M&A advisory (sell/by side)
Project financing
Financial modelling
PPA Advisory

Advice on mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions in renewable energy projects have their own unique characteristics. You need advisors who specialize in green energy transactions to help you identify the most interesting opportunities.

Vector Renewables has a team of experts experienced in identifying opportunities, deal structuring and deal closing. We handle both sale and purchase mandates for renewable energy assets under development or in operation.
I want to invest in renewable energy
Would you like to invest strategically in renewable energies? Our M&A specialists identify the most promising opportunities on the market. They also provide all the support you need during the acquisition process to execute your investment strategy.

Financial advisory services

When investing in renewable energies, you need answers to a host of questions about the asset and financing. Vector Renewables is here to help you answer them.
I need financing, what options do I have?
Project financing is the preferred type of financing when it comes to developing green energy projects. This is a long-term structured financing formula based on asset cash flows.

Our financial advisory team are experts in this type of financing and has close relationships with international banks. This means that we can find a customized financial solution for our clients to optimize the capital structure.

We take care of everything involving renewable energy financing, from the introduction of lenders to the signing of credit agreements, including the definition of the case.

Vector Renewables offers tailor-made advice on primary financing, refinancing and restructuring of renewable assets.

Strategic financial consulting

If you don’t know where to start with your green energy project strategy, finding a financial consultant is an excellent first step. One of our specialists will help you understand all the specific aspects of the renewable energy market – legal framework, revenue stream schemes, development process, applicable taxes, environmental requirements, grid constraints etc. – key knowledge that will help you define the roadmap of your asset.

Our experience in asset management and technical, legal and financial advisory services means we can provide comprehensive advice to our clients in the renewables market. Vector Renewables is also involved in international projects across the world.

We monitor a multitude of projects on a daily basis and provide our clients with market intelligence reports. We can therefore help clients to understand the decisive aspects involved in outlining their go-to-market strategy.

Specifically, we help our clients in the following situations:
  • Bidding strategy for public auctions.
  • Strategic advice for acquisition or divestment processes.
  • Market intelligence – customized market reports for the renewable energy industry.
  • Coordination of PPA (power purchase agreements) advisory services.

We offer end-to-end coverage of your renewable energy project.

During any phase and in any country. Find the expert you need for your solar or wind power plant and get the most out of your facility. We make complex look easy!

Asset management

We guarantee compliance with all technical, financial and administrative aspects of your power plant. Your plant will be prepared for maximum performance while ensuring that you as facility owner, as well as the third parties working at the plant, comply with all regulations.
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Technical advisory services

We help you to comply with the wide range of technical requirements for your renewable energy facility. From plant design to development to technical reports for improvement in the operation phase. You’ll always have the technical know-how of our consultants at your fingertips.
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Financial advisory services

We have advisors who specialize in renewable energy transaction and the financing and refinancing of energy projects around the world. Our experience in all phases and fields provides us with a valuable perspective to advise our clients in their future investments.
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Legal advisory services

We provide legal assistance for all types of legal issues related to renewable energy assets. Our legal experts will assist you with their legal knowledge in mergers and acquisitions, regulation, financial, commercial and corporate law.
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