Boost the value of your assets by applying ESG criteria

What is ESG?



How companies perform about respecting the environment, protecting biodiversity, and responsibly using natural resources.


How Projects interact with their stakeholders, engage them, and the communities in which they take place creating shared value for all.


Companies’ ability to lead their long-term business strategy operating according to a sustainable path.
ESG criteria are used to evaluate the risk in business operations and investments. A company that develops robust processes per ESG aims to increase its sustainability performance, reducing the risk and becoming more attractive on the market because it is more solid and able to manage the change compared to its peers.

Why use the Sustainability
and ESG approach?

On the path towards a sustainable energy transition, incorporating sustainability into business models and ESG criteria into the end-to-end life cycle of a project are strategically critical for success. Vector Renewables addresses all dimensions of ESG through a systematic approach that holistically supports clients. This helps mitigate risks while creating value for local communities throughout the project lifecycle, with built-in sustainability from strategy to processes.


Vector Renewables focuses on finding opportunities within the changing scenario providing the Clients with solutions to manage the complexity to increase the value in their business operations acting based on the material ESG factors, involving the relevant stakeholders, and engaging the communities during the projects´ entire lifetime.

ESG in project life cycle

Renewable energy projects can affect the communities for a long time, from development to construction and operation, including repowering and decommissioning stages. The regulators, investors, and civil society expect the projects to be levels for change, bringing progress and growth in communities where they occur. The sustainable transition is challenging. It is necessary to integrate ESG criteria into the decision-making process and operations, minimizing the risk of negative impacts, and creating opportunities for the communities. How we support our Clients:
  • Project design & Regulatory Solutions

  • ESG due diligence

  • ESG KPIs & Sustainability Performance

  • Risks & Opportunities identification

  • EU Taxonomy compliance

  • Human Rights Assessment

  • Stakeholder Integration & Community Engagement in socio-economic and environmental initiatives, design and execution

  • Project results in Reporting and Communication​

  • Sustainability follow-up

Strategic Consulting in ESG

Nowadays, economic players strategically have to define and implement the material ESG factors and Community Engagement into their business models and projects. Socio-economic and environmental issues integration into the strategy design and execution, as well as projects lifecycle, is a critical success factor in business. Connecting sustainability to the vision and purpose embedding it further in core business practices helps firms play a key role in the sustainable energy transition and drive their internal transformation, creating value for all. How we support our Clients:
  • Sustainability Strategy design and execution

  • Managed Solutions

  • ESG Approach & Impact Solutions

  • Stakeholder Integration & Community Engagement in corporate policy and practices

  • Global Reporting and Communication

  • Reputation & Legitimacy​

  • Corporate Culture & Change Management​

  • Shared Value Projects/Initiatives​

  • Human Rights policies

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

  • Training courses

  • Mentoring & Tutoring

We offer end-to-end coverage of your renewable energy project.

During any phase and in any country. Find the expert you need for your solar or wind power plant and get the most out of your facility. We make complex look easy!

Asset management

We guarantee compliance with all technical, financial and administrative aspects of your power plant. Your plant will be prepared for maximum performance while ensuring that you as facility owner, as well as the third parties working at the plant, comply with all regulations.
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Technical advisory services

We help you to comply with the wide range of technical requirements for your renewable energy facility. From plant design to development to technical reports for improvement in the operation phase. You’ll always have the technical know-how of our consultants at your fingertips.
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Financial advisory services

We have advisors who specialize in renewable energy transaction and the financing and refinancing of energy projects around the world. Our experience in all phases and fields provides us with a valuable perspective to advise our clients in their future investments.
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Strategic consulting services

Coupled with our experience in all project stages and areas, we draw on our highly skilled team of experts to advise our clients on their future investments.
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ESG and Sustainability

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to your renewable asset’s ESG focus throughout its entire life cycle and integrate sustainability into the heart of your business model. Make your renewable asset more attractive to investors, while creating value for stakeholders and local communities.
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