Vector Renewables, Owner's Engineer for Matrix Renewables' first plant under construction in Europe

Vector Renewables, a leading independent consultant, has been selected by Matrix Renewables, a global renewable energy platform, as Owner's Engineer for the construction supervision of the 50 MWp solar photovoltaic project "Olivares", located in the province of Jaen. The scope of the agreement also includes the supervision of the activities related to Health & Safety and Environment Management, and the review of both; the commissioning of the plant and the tests to be carried out by the EPC ...

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Vector Renewables, Owner's Engineer of 8 solar PV projects in Spain promoted by BNZ

The green energy professional service provider, Vector Renewables, will advise the independent power producer (IPP) BNZ, during the construction of 8 Solar PV projects in Spain, totalling 473 MWp, one of the largest portfolios existing in the Spanish market. With a strong international experience as technical advisor, Vector Renewables has been selected by BNZ as owner’s engineer, to supervise the construction of the solar projects that the company plans to build starting from 2022. It is a 473 ...

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Vector Renewables, technical advisor for Aquila Capital's "La Cabrita" solar plant

Vector Renewables has participated as technical advisor during the construction phase of "La Cabrita", Aquila Capital's photovoltaic solar plant, inaugurated at the end of October and located in Tabernas, Almeria. It is a 50 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic plant, which covers an area of around 120 hectares and has an annual production of 87 gigawatt hours (GWh). The plant, consisting of almost 121,000 photovoltaic modules, is Aquila Capital's first solar PV project in operation in the country a...

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Vector Cuatro, Technical Advisor of Noboribetsu PV project

The spanish multinational, Vector Cuatro, has acted as Technical Advisor in the 30 MW solar PV project Noboribetsu, developed by Renewable Japan. It is the first time that a green rating is given to a project bond.  Vector Cuatro has acted as Technical Advisor for the Noboribetsu project, a 30 MW project developed by Renewable Japan. Renewable Japan holds one of the 3 publicly listed solar funds in Japan. The project has received a preliminary rating by the Japanese rating agency Rating and Inve...

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