Vector Renewables Spain is Top Employers 2022


Vector Renewables Spain has been awarded with the Top Employers 2022 certificate, thanks to the good practices it has implemented within its organization. The company remains committed to put people at the core and to develop a professional environment founded on the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion, embracing a culture of trust, caring of people and knowledge sharing to create and maintain innovative and competent advantages for all the group.

Every year, Top Employers Institute carries out a rigorous study of the conditions that companies offer their professionals, positioning itself as one of the most prestigious international certifications in the field of HR.

The importance of international talent for the growth of the company together with the opening of new business lines allows Vector Renewables to continue to have professionals of up to 20 different nationalities, generating a diverse and inclusive environment to develop a long-term sustainable project.

This recognition is of great value for the Vector Renewables team. As Massimiliano Bevignani, Head of Human Resources at Vector Renewables says “It certifies what we already tell and promote to our new colleagues who desires to join Vector Renewables. We put people at the centre of what we do, giving value to how we make things happen. Our PEOPLE make a difference and for this reason we implement various initiatives that can enhance and recognize the individual contribution of each colleague”.

Massimiliano also adds the importance of this certification in helping to identify possible areas of weakness and to define a strategy focused on what and how to improve, to create a workplace that allows the team to feel engaged.

Vector Renewables upholds a strong commitment to young professionals to take their first steps in their professional career, taking advantages of the power of sharing and promoting several initiatives for people development.

“We work together towards a different people centric approach: dialogue, active listening, needs and motivational levers are tools we used constantly, with the aim to create a valuable relationship with each person”, says Deborah Da Prada, HR Business Partner. “We are committed to creating a supportive, inclusive, and highly motivated team. The FEEDBACK culture nurtures employee engagement and increase the effectiveness of communication using kind and transparent behaviours. This is well integrated with our TOTAL REWARD SYSTEM, which includes, not only monetary awards, but also a set of services and initiatives to promote a good work-life balance and encourage people to continue growing.”

From today, Vector Renewables joins the more than 100 companies in Spain that have obtained this certification. To date, Top Employers has awarded this distinction to more than 1,800 companies in 123 countries and positively impact the lives of 8 million employees globally.

Vector Renewables was already allowing smartworking and flexibility even before COVID-19

The award comes at a very good moment for the company, although as Massimiliano says, “the reality is that we have been acting as ‘Top Employers’ even before we knew we were it, but in any case, it was a great discovery! “We had already integrated a flexible scheme and in smartworking mode and that enabled us to better face the pandemic period. During this time, we also took the opportunity to continue investing in wellbeing programs to keep a communication channel open between people and the company, counteracting the isolation caused by physical distance. This was made possible by a natural trust and mutual understanding which was already well rooted between people, and that was confirmed during the pandemic, also as we had the best results ever”, adds.

New initiatives for the future

For a near future Vector Renewables believes that an international environment in which to integrate different cultures and points of view is essential to success.

As Deborah mentions "We want each person to feel free to express and experience themselves in an open and inclusive culture. To share, learn and growth together. This the biggest goal we have for the future. How do we get there? By combining a mix of initiatives which contribute to promote international mobility, job rotations programs and knowledge sharing to boost the leaders of tomorrow: our ENABLERS. Top employers’ certification, plays a key role as a useful and strategic tool for keeping up-to-date our HR practices, increasing awareness of what people are looking for in companies and to develop new competitive services and initiatives”.

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