Vector Cuatro Japan passes the 100 MW mark of assets under management

The company has recently closed an agreement for the management of two more solar PV projects totaling 27.9 MW. With this contract Vector Cuatro increases its portfolio of assets under management in Japan to a total of 105 MW.

In November 2015, Vector Cuatro announced the beginning of its activity as an asset manager in Japan for a 3.5 MW solar PV plant, owned by one of the most important companies in the Pacific energy sector. Only one year later the Spanish consultancy overcomes the 100 MW mark, taking already care of the asset management of six projects in Japan.

Since 2007, when the company began to operate in the Renewable Energy Industry, Vector Cuatro has been able to increase its portfolio of assets under management to 1,500 MW for operational projects or plants under construction.

Currently, the company manages solar PV and wind power plants in America, Europe and Asia, being Japan one of its core markets. Vector Cuatro entered the renewable energy markets in Asia first in 2012 as a Technical Advisor and providing support in transaction services for solar PV plants. Since then, the Nippon delegation has grown up positioning itself as a key reference in the local renewable industry with an international client portfolio to which belong the most active banks and companies in Japan.

Besides providing asset management services and support in transactions, the company has also rendered feasibility studies, technical due diligences and consulting services in Japan that total more than 4 GW.

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