Vector Renewables to attend the leading renewable energy events

Vector Renewables is convinced that keeping up to date and at the forefront of our sector through interaction with other industry leaders is a key factor in ensuring the continued success of our compa...

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Vector Renewables increases its commitment to renewable energy with a new wind project in Oaxaca in which we will provide Asset management services.

Vector Renewables, a leading independent renewable energy consulting firm, is pleased to announce its participation in an exciting wind project in Oaxaca, Mexico, in collaboration with Energías Ambien...

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Why is Portugal a key market for offshore wind?

The portuguese energy market has gained significant attention these days due to its commitment to the energy transition, this includes major developments in green hydrogen and especially in offshore w...

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Offshore wind and its potential in the UK

The offshore wind energy sector had its best year ever in 2021, with 21.1 GW of new capacity connected to the grid, according to the latest Global Offshore Wind Energy Report published by the Global W...

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Storage as a key point in the energy transition

If there is one concept linked to the energy transition, it is energy storage. Although not a generation technology in its own right, storage enables the integration of other generation technologies t...

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