Types of renewable power plants and their characteristics for energy production

Knowing where the electricity we consume in our homes comes from is becoming increasingly important. Moreover, the events of recent years have led to an even more significant intensification of effort...

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Net Zero: the urgent challenge of net zero emissions

 The planet is sending out 'code reds' for us to pump the brakes on global warming. The net zero emissions target is the only way to reverse course.

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The potential of renewables in developing countries

  Real access to energy impacts many areas of a country's life. For example, investing in renewable energy to develop emerging economies promotes energy independence and facilitates their access to el...

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What is the water footprint and how do renewables impact it?

Maybe you've heard of the water footprint, which is the water used to grow your food and produce your clothes and the things you buy. This term is directly related to sustainability and is growing inc...

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Agrivoltaics, the advantages of combining renewables and agriculture

While the concept first appeared in 1981, it has taken several decades to coin the word ‘agrivoltaics’ and fully understand its many benefits. Agrivoltaics is all about combining agriculture and renew...

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