Calculation of contractual availabilities in the renewable energy sector

The transition towards a more sustainable energy future involves the integration and asset management of renewable energies. In this context, the calculation of contractual availabilities emerges as a...

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Opportunities and challenges of renewable energies in Italy

Italy is world famous for its historical heritage and good climate, but also for its huge renewable potential. In this post we will explore some of the opportunities and challenges facing renewable energy in the Mediterranean country.

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Vector Renewables, Owner's Engineer of 8 solar PV projects in Spain promoted by BNZ

The green energy professional service provider, Vector Renewables, will advise the independent power producer (IPP) BNZ, during the construction of 8 Solar PV projects in Spain, totalling 473 MWp, one...

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Vector Renewables signs new agreement for the management of 64 MW of photovoltaic power in Chile

Vector Renewables, as a prominent independent advisor in renewable energies with over 15 years of experience, solidifies its presence in Chile following the recent signing of an agreement with the inv...

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Wind keeps blowing, sun does not stop rising and at Vector Cuatro, we do not stop!

Firstly, we would like to remind all coronavirus victims and transmitting our best support to their relatives and all the society. Thanks to smart working politics and work flexibility we implemented ...

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Vector Renewables, lead advisor in the sale of Kolya Renovables Group’s portfolio to MithraSol

Vector Renewables has provided financial and legal advisory services in the sale of a 7.5MWp portfolio owned by Greenpower Generation (Grupo Kolya Renovables) and acquired by the London company Mithra...

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