Why quality tests on UK solar facilities are crucial?

PVDiagnosis by Vector Cuatro lands in the UK   With currently more than 10 GW of installed capacity, the UK has become one of the largest PV markets in the world. It is especially worth highlighting the exponential growth of the market under the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme. The RO came into effect in 2002 in England and Wales, and Scotland, followed by Northern Ireland in 2005. It placed an obligation on UK electricity suppliers to source an increasing proportion of the electricity they sup...

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Vector Cuatro expands PVdiagnosis services to Japan

Since the introduction of the Feed in Tariff scheme in July 2012, the solar PV market in Japan has evolved rapidly, growing not only in size and capacity but also expanding from a house scale typical photovoltaic installation to megasolar projects of capacities of over 200 MW in some cases. Consequently, it can be stated that Japan has developed to a mature solar PV market, with already more than 8 GW connected, and where different services are required for the already existing facilities. On to...

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