Vector Cuatro’s collaborates with Politecnico di Milano

As part of its recurrent collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano), last September Vector Cuatro participated in the RIDEF Energy Master, through providing assistance to students in the master's team work.

The training consisted in dealing with a real case of PV asset management. The activity performed by the students consisted in analyzing actual and expected figures from a full year of operations of a utility-scale photovoltaic plant. The aim was to find out issues impacting on production and revenues, and propose possible solutions. Moreover, they performed a calculation of PR with temperature correction in order to verify compliance with contract warranty criteria.

Members of Vector Cuatro Italy's Technical Department provided continuous support both to the students and the teaching staff throughout the process. Apart from providing the students with the necessary files and data of a real PV facility, different meetings were held to present the objective of the work, provide tips on the work and give some coaching to the students. Finally, the students elaborated a working paper with the conclusions of the study, which was presented at a meeting in the University.

This collaboration shows Vector Cuatro's commitment with the University, as well as its willingness to share its professional knowledge with students, contributing to their training and providing insight on practical cases for their near professional future.

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