The importance of safety and health activities in renewable projects


In many countries where renewable energy projects are developed, there is a strong legislative basis on safety and health, which has sometimes been criticized for being designed specifically for the construction sector. This has led to the need to interpret these requirements more specifically for application in the clean energy sector.

In the conventional energy industry , the application of these requirements is currently at a high level of development. It is one of the economic sectors with the most innovation in its own safety standards, but the emergence on the scene of renewables has caused a new challenge in terms of health and safety, both for the professionals who are dedicated to it, and for the companies that make up the sector.

While initially one may have the false idea that the application of safety and health criteria in the renewable sector should be simpler than in the traditional energy industry , in many respects they share similar or even more dangerous contexts. Some examples of the risks faced by professionals in the renewable sector could be electric discharge, falls from heights, plant fires, etc. Whether we are talking about solar or wind technology projects , it is essential that the equipment and tools are used only with experience, awareness and training necessary to use them correctly and safely.

Safety at work is a key value that must be present in all aspects of our working life. The well-being of employees is essential and, to ensure this, it is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. JORGE OJEDA- Head of E&C Spain and Portugal TA

Itis clear that the renewable sector is advancing at an unstoppable pace. On the one hand, there is a need to advance in terms of clean energy generation and on the other, being a sector on the rise, it has the participation of large companies that invest in projects of a gigantic magnitude . All this causes risks to also grow and the role of safety and health is increasingly relevant.

Safety and health studies such as 'Occupational Safety and Health in Renewable Energies: A Review of Drivers, Policies, and Regulations in Europe and Asia' reveal significant differences between regions. Some countries have more developed and strict regulatory frameworks, while in others the opposite, creating a great challenge for those actors that operate internationally and access countries or areas where they have no previous presence. In this case, it is essential to adapt to local safety and health requirements and requirements, since any non-compliance, whether resulting from an accident or inspection by local authorities, can expose companies to legal liability and loss of reputation. Without forgetting, of course, the damage caused to workers, families and any affected by any incident that could occur during the work activity or derived from it.

For companies in the renewable energy sector to properly manage safety and health activities, they must be based on two key points; First, carry out a specialized and prior analysis of the local requirements of the country or area where they operate, according to their activity. Second, establish a solid foundation and have the necessary local resources to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Vector Renewables has experience and presence at an international level, which allows us to have a broad and complete vision of the different approaches and requirements that are required in our field of work. We are fully aware of the importance of safety and health, and therefore we consider them as one of the fundamental pillars in all our activities and services.

In addition, before starting any work or project, we meet with our clients to clearly define the scope of our services and establish the necessary measures in terms of safety and health. In addition, we offer to supervise and monitor the performance of those agents who have obligations in this regard, in order to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment for all involved.

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