Our team is our most valuable asset and the primary reason for the success of each project.

We do not believe in coincidences, but we do believe in talent and effort.

Vector Renewables employs more than 200 people with different backgrounds and profiles. However, there is one thing that unites us – the desire to be a leader in the renewable sector that will enable us to build a cleaner, more sustainable world.

With a team of people representing 20 different nationalities, we are ready to serve our clients anywhere in the world.

Management team

These are the most visible faces of Vector Renewables at an international level.
Filippo Malvezzi
Filippo MalvezziCommercial Director & Country Manager UK
Rafael Echegoyen
Rafael EchegoyenHead of M&A and Legal Advisory
 Víctor Periáñez
Víctor PeriáñezHead of Technical Advisory
Katy Paterson
Katy PatersonHead of Administration, Finance, Planning and Control
José Luis García-Pedroche
José Luis García-PedrocheCountry Manager Spain
Marco Guarneroli
Marco GuarneroliCountry Manager Italy
Vicente García
Vicente GarcíaCountry Manager Mexico
Jorge Zazo
Jorge ZazoCountry Manager Japan
Gregory Lofamia
Gregory LofamiaCountry Manager Philippines
Patricia Darez
Patricia DarezCountry Manager Chile
Joao Martinho
Joao MartinhoCountry Manager Portugal
Fabio Mariani
Fabio Mariani Head of NUO & product owner

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