About Vector

We are an independent advisor that supports our clients over the life cycle of a renewable project through three lines of business:
asset management, technical advisory services and legal advisory services.

We aim for excellence. The more than 3,000 projects we have advised on to date have helped position us as a leader in the global renewable energy sector.
Our offices

Through our offices, we cover the needs of our clients on all five continents, providing services in over 40 countries.

Madrid, Spain
Milan, Italy
Rennes, France
London, England, UK
Inverness, Scotland, UK
México City, México
Malmö, Sweden
New York, USA
Tokyo, Japón
Sydney, Australia
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Pasig, Philippines
Vector is the result of more than 15 years of experience in a highly competitive and dynamic sector. We have adapted to changes, trends and new ways of doing business.

We are a flexible, adaptable company that is fully involved in each of its projects in order to respond to our clients' needs.

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