Green Energy & Environmental Technology 2024

  • Starts: 2024年07月29日(月)
  • Ends: 2024年07月31日(水)
  • Location: Portugal

Check out this international forum for academics, researchers, and scientists worldwide as we delve into the soundest issues surrounding Renewable Energies and Environmental Technologies. Taking place from July 29 to 31 in Lisbon, Portugal, the event is designed to foster discussions on global...

Mexico Wind Power Congress 2024

  • Starts: 2024年08月27日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年08月28日(水)
  • Location: Mexico City

In its 12th edition, Mexico WindPower 2024 reaffirms itself as one of the leading Congress for the wind power sector in Mexico, driving the development of wind energy in the country. Organized by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE), in...

Investing in Green Hydrogen 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月02日(月)
  • Ends: 2024年09月03日(火)
  • Location: London

IGH2024 is the global summit uniting the world’s hydrogen visionaries. Over 800 C-level decision-makers, including policymakers, hydrogen developers, investors, off-takers, and suppliers from 55+ countries, will converge in London.

Intersolar Mexico 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月03日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年09月05日(木)
  • Location: Ciudad de México

Intersolar Mexico is the key hub for cutting-edge technology trends and premier B2B connections in the thriving Mexican solar market. Positioned at the forefront of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and energy storage technologies, it's the largest gathering of professionals in Mexico. With 300+...

Onshore Wind Conference 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月03日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年09月04日(水)
  • Location: Edinburgh

With a landmark UK election this year, this two-day event promises to be one of the most important Onshore Wind Conference to date placing onshore wind at the forefront of the UK's energy strategy. This event will bring together leading onshore wind experts, key players and stakeholders to share...

Korea Energy Show 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月04日(水)
  • Ends: 2024年09月06日(金)
  • Location: Busan

The Korea Energy Show is held every year to lay the foundation for the development of the energy industry by improving energy efficiency, exchanging information on renewable energy products and technologies and establishing a business platform. Started from the 1st National Fuel Use Device...

In – Vento 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月08日(日)
  • Ends: 2024年09月11日(水)
  • Location: Pisa

IN-VENTO is the ANIV biannual conference on Wind Engineering. This event provides a major forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of recent developments in the fields of wind engineering, bluff-body aerodynamics, wind-related structural dynamics and reliability, wind modeling and forecast &...

Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月08日(日)
  • Ends: 2024年09月12日(木)
  • Location: Rome

The 19th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) is dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies for increasing the sustainability of development by de-coupling growth from the use of natural...

Australian Wind Industry Summit 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月09日(月)
  • Ends: 2024年09月10日(火)
  • Location: Australia

This event is essential for anyone with an interest in the technical aspects of the wind industry, including professionals in policy, grid and system strength, construction and safety, asset management, and social license. Dive deep into in-depth sessions addressing the current opportunities and...

Smart Energy Systems International Conference 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月10日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年09月11日(水)
  • Location: Aalborg

The aim of the conference is to establish a venue for presenting and discussing scientific findings and industrial experiences related to the subject of Smart Energy Systems based on renewable energy, 4th Generation District Heating Technologies and Systems (4GDH), electrification of heating and...

Energy Efficiency Expo Argentina 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月11日(水)
  • Ends: 2024年09月11日(水)
  • Location: Buenos Aires

This event will showcase advancements in energy efficiency technologies and bring together industry experts, manufacturers, and policymakers to discuss and promote sustainable energy practices in Argentina. The expo aims to facilitate networking, collaboration, and the launch of new...

Global Summit on Renewable Energy 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月16日(月)
  • Ends: 2024年09月18日(水)
  • Location: Venice

The event will focus on the latest trends and insights in renewable energy and will bring together experts and stakeholders from around the world to discuss advancements in solar, wind, geothermal, and other renewable energy technologies. The conference aims to provide a platform for knowledge...

South America Offshore Wind Europe 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月17日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年09月19日(木)
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro

This event is a 3-day world class conference focused on early permitting, environmental licensing, early development needs and supply chain issues. Suitable technology selection and infrastructure requirements will be addressed regarding offshore wind development including decarbonization of oil...

Solar & Storage Live 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月17日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年09月18日(水)
  • Location: Zurich

The event aims to advance the adoption of solar energy and storage technologies by bringing together industry leaders, local players, and utility companies. It features over 100 exhibitors, a high-level conference on topics like responsive power and EV infrastructure, a start-up zone, and numerous...

International Conference on Ocean Energy 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月17日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年09月19日(木)
  • Location: Melbourne

The event will focus on advancements in ocean energy technologies such as wave energy, tidal energy, and ocean currents. The conference will also address Australia's environmental goals, shifting from a 26% to a 43% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050....

Energyear Caribe 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月18日(水)
  • Ends: 2024年09月19日(木)
  • Location: Santo Domingo

Since 2013, ENERGYEAR has been at the forefront of Renewable Energy conferences in the Latin American and European regions. Its events feature key leaders and prominent companies in the sector, making them a pivotal platform for meaningful connections and relationship-building within the...

SolarPlaza Summit Agri-PV Europe 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月18日(水)
  • Ends: 2024年09月18日(水)
  • Location: Paris

The event will offer lessons from the country's journey from innovation tenders to the establishment of clear regulatory frameworks in 2023. Here you will find global market insights, technology breakthroughs, key European regulations and integrative case studies at the heart of the...

Solar Plaza Summit Floating PV

  • Starts: 2024年09月19日(木)
  • Ends: 2024年09月19日(木)
  • Location: Paris

At this event you will learn how to uncover the potential of floating photovoltaic (PV) technology at our dynamic solar conference and dive into Europe's latest innovations in floatovoltaic development, showcasing projects that optimize space, boost efficiency and push scale. Also, You will be...

Budapest Geothermal Energy Summit 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月20日(金)
  • Ends: 2024年09月20日(金)
  • Location: Budapest

Stakeholders will discuss the main opportunities and challenges of geothermal energy, sharing their views on the current state of knowledge and technology and presenting why more attention should be given to the utilisation of geothermal energy in Hungary and the wider region.

European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月23日(月)
  • Ends: 2024年09月27日(金)
  • Location: Vienna

The European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition brings together the global PV community to showcase and discuss the latest advancements in solar photovoltaics. Organized under the coordination of the European Commission Joint Research Centre, the conference provides a platform for...

Solar & Storage Live UK 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月24日(火)
  • Ends: 2024年09月26日(木)
  • Location: Birmingham

Step into the future of renewable energy at Solar & Storage Live, the UK's premier exhibition in the field. As the largest event of its kind, it attracts a diverse audience of buyers and installers dedicated to solar systems. With your ticket, gain exclusive access to over 450 of the world's...

Africa Renewables Investment Summit 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月25日(水)
  • Ends: 2024年09月26日(木)
  • Location: Cape Town

ARIS seeks to accelerate renewable energy investment in African countries by linking institutional investors, project developers, policy makers, energy utilities, regulators, corporates and the most influential energy sector decision makers under one roof. The “Energise Africa” project is Africa’s...

Power & Energy Africa 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月25日(水)
  • Ends: 2024年09月27日(金)
  • Location: Dar es Salaam

This event brings together decision-makers, technical experts, and professionals from leading companies in power generation, transmission, and distribution across Africa and beyond. The event serves as a key gateway to explore the energy market in Tanzania and the broader East African region,...

Solar Plaza Summit Greece Solar & Storage 2024

  • Starts: 2024年09月26日(木)
  • Ends: 2024年09月26日(木)
  • Location: Atenas

The event provides a vital platform for stakeholders to navigate the opportunities coupled with the developments in Greece, as well as the significant strategic challenges regarding grid issues like curtailment, newly defined interconnection terms and changing market and regulatory frameworks. The...