Green Energy & Environmental Technology 2024

Green Energy & Environmental Technology 2024

  • Starts: Lunes, 29 Julio 2024
  • Ends: Miércoles, 31 Julio 2024
  • Location: Portugal

Event Description

Check out this international forum for academics, researchers, and scientists worldwide as we delve into the soundest issues surrounding Renewable Energies and Environmental Technologies. Taking place from July 29 to 31 in Lisbon, Portugal, the event is designed to foster discussions on global results and proposals. Expect insights from renowned keynote speakers, engaging oral presentations, informative poster sessions, and technical conferences aligning with the Scientific Program. Beyond the academic discourse, enjoy an attractive social and cultural program, enhancing the overall experience. 


Nota: de conformidad con el artículo 46 del Real Decreto Ley 5/2023 de 29 de junio de 2023, se publica el Proyecto Común de Fusión simplificada entre entre Vector Renewables España, S.L.U. y Vector Renewables Nuo España, S.L.U.