Energyear Portugal 2024

Energyear Portugal 2024

  • Starts: Viernes, 05 Julio 2024
  • Ends: Viernes, 05 Julio 2024
  • Location: Lisboa

Event Description

Since 2013, ENERGYEAR has been at the forefront of Renewable Energy conferences in the Latin American and European regions. Its events feature key leaders and prominent companies in the sector, making them a pivotal platform for meaningful connections and relationship-building within the renewables industry. These events are specifically designed to catalyze significant connections, fostering collaboration and providing a space for companies and experts to share ideas. Their goal is to create an environment where partnerships flourish, and the potential for growth is limitless.


Nota: de conformidad con el artículo 46 del Real Decreto Ley 5/2023 de 29 de junio de 2023, se publica el Proyecto Común de Fusión simplificada entre entre Vector Renewables España, S.L.U. y Vector Renewables Nuo España, S.L.U.