Australian Clean Energy Summit 2024

Australian Clean Energy Summit 2024

  • Starts: Martes, 16 Julio 2024
  • Ends: Miércoles, 17 Julio 2024
  • Location: Sydney

Event Description

Save the date for a transformative evening on Wednesday, at the Sydney International Convention Centre Grand Ballroom. Join them alongside hundreds of industry guests for a unique experience as a panel of accomplished women, representing various stages of their clean energy careers, share insights on the power and significance of mentor relationships. This event promises to be an inspiring gathering, fostering dialogue and connection within the clean energy community.


Nota: de conformidad con el artículo 46 del Real Decreto Ley 5/2023 de 29 de junio de 2023, se publica el Proyecto Común de Fusión simplificada entre entre Vector Renewables España, S.L.U. y Vector Renewables Nuo España, S.L.U.