ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Tailandia 2024

ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week Tailandia 2024

  • Starts: Miércoles, 03 Julio 2024
  • Ends: Viernes, 05 Julio 2024
  • Location: Tailandia

Event Description

Following the exceptional success of the last ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week, which garnered positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors, we're gearing up for an even more remarkable 2024 edition. Boasting an impressive on-site rebooking rate of over 50%, this event has become a crucial platform for meetings among investors and buyers in the energy and electric automotive sectors. The upcoming exhibition is set to host over 1,500 world-class brands in renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental solutions, and electric vehicle technology, spanning an expansive area of over 20,000 sqm, inclusive of major national pavilions.


Nota: de conformidad con el artículo 46 del Real Decreto Ley 5/2023 de 29 de junio de 2023, se publica el Proyecto Común de Fusión simplificada entre entre Vector Renewables España, S.L.U. y Vector Renewables Nuo España, S.L.U.